The Golden Ticket is a 50/50 Raffle . One lucky  winner Will be chosen at the drawing at our Golf tournament on June 24 2021.  The ticket will be randomly selected from those Golden tickets sold before the drawing . A maximum of 200 will be sold at $100 each . You could win up to $10,000 . All proceeds from the raffle will be used to support theTilton  -Northfield Rotary & it’s efforts worldwide . We are a nonprofit 501 3C charity . 
Tilton-Northfield Rotary is super excited to be having our 2nd Golden Ticket Lottery.  Because of the Pandemic, Tilton-Northfield Rotary has not been able to do fundraising for our club.  The Golden Ticket allows us to raise money for our club without having to gather in crowds like normal fundraising.  
A little about the Golden Ticket:
  Each Golden Ticket is $100.00.  Only 200 Golden Tickets will be sold.  This is a 50/50 lottery.  Total sales of $20,000.00 which means half (up to $10,000.00) will go to the lucky winning ticket picked and the other half will remain with the our club.  The drawing for this will be at our Annual Golf Tournament on June 24, 2021.  I have attached a picture of  the Golden Ticket and letter that accompanies it.
We have no doubt this will be a huge success with the help and cooperation from all Rotarians.  
This is a public raffle , if you wish to purchase a Golden ticket please contact a Tilton -Northfield Rotary member or email us at . You may also contact Lisa Drew at her phone number below . Best of luck to all and thank you for supporting our charitable causes . 
Please contact me with any questions.
Lisa Drew