Rotary Club of Tilton-Northfield
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The Golden Ticket

As you may know, the Tilton-Northfield Rotary Club is currently working on funding for projects that will greatly impact lives, not only here locally, but in places where hope is in short supply! Together, we created a fundraising event, called the GOLDEN is a contribution that you could make to help support our work!
The donation automatically enrolls you in a raffle. The raffle will be drawn at our annual golf tournament on August 10th, 2017. The prize is up to $10,000.00! We have a total of 200 GOLDEN TICKETS, for $100 each. The money raised will help support local organizations and the Rotary Foundation Shelter Box program. When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Rotary shelter boxes provide shelter, pots and pans, blankets, and most of all HOPE! Your donation will also help support our clean water efforts to those in need.
We are asking for your support in purchasing a "GOLDEN TICKET" so that you can help us, help others. If interested in purchasing a $100 GOLDEN TICKET, please contact any Tilton-Northfield Rotary Club member for more information.
Don't miss your opportunity to help and win big at the same time!